About Us

We are a Data Science team just bringing ML to real life

We are focused on the practical application of data science in different fields.

We have experience of using ML in telecom, transportation, psychology and we are open to any other interesting projects: we have seen many times that ML can show amazing results in absolutely unexpected areas.

Now we are passionate about a very innovative project of personalized pricing and pricing optimization.


M11 15-58 Pilot

M11 15-58 Pilot

An innovative loyalty program designed on top of our R42 system was successfully tested at M11 Neva road 29.03 – 23.05.2021. The first promising test results open up good prospects …


One more pilot in St.Petersburg

In partnership with WHSD toll road in beautiful St.Petersburg, we made from 16.11.2020 till 20.12.2020 one more successful experiment using the R42 system for traffic optimization.